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  LP Morgan   Unreal. Unbelievable. Awesome.  

Welcome to the world of LP Morgan. Our world is about big projected images, at work, in a learning environment, but especially at home. We love the subtlety of projection, the film like quality of the image, and the size. In lots of ways it’s all about the size – big images that can be clearly seen, that involve you, immerse you and entertain you.

We bring you the components that bring this experience together; projector screens, projection mounts, anamorphic lenses and
home cinema seating.


Would you like to enjoy movies at home that are a whopping 80% larger, 25% brighter and have no black bars?

Its all possible with LP Morgan CineTheatre to discover the power of an anamorphic lens and what it can do for you home cinema experience.

LP Morgan & Panamorph
If you are planning on creating the CineTheatre experience at home we recommend teaming your LP Morgan screen with a Panamorph anamorphic lens. Panamorph sets the bar for anamorphic lens performance in home theatre, and together with LP Morgan creates a cinema experience worth staying home for.


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